L@P (Love and Passion)

Warning: L@P (Love and Passion) is about explicit sensual, erotic needs and wants.

Suppose you would love to meet other lovers. And you're anywhere in the world, either a familiar local location or a far-flung city. In that case you’d need to know where those people, who share your likings, get together. At a seaside restaurant, a bar or a venue, maybe even a party?
In fact, you only need to know *where* they are, *not who* they are. Love and Passion (or L@P) will show you where these people are, but their privacy is fully respected. And so is yours. Potentially interested people can locate the places to be, without worry of being tracked or stalked.

L@P works by sharing locations based on what erotic passions you have, on whether you are female or male, hetero or gay. L@P will only show you the location of other users who fit the bill, your bill. But their identity and privacy is respected. Any user can shut this function off.
So L@P preserves your and others privacy, as opposed to the “become a member” or “share with friends” apps. L@P is all about locations (or venues), not about 'friends', true or imagined. Even we, at L@P's HQ, cannot and do not track our users. We only store the last_known_location for a few hours.

L@P does not support images, movies or stories of any kind. It's about People, Passions and Places.
The limited, unpaid version offers a small trial subset of passions. Try it with a small group of friends. The premium version gives the full set, which may be extended due to customer demand.
Choose Passion TEST L@P. Now move about for a few days and see if you can locate the others. That is how L@P locates feel-alikes, people with the same Passion. Without exchanging personal data so with full privacy!

Privacy_by_Design is L@P's middle name.